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I don’t think that my pets would like to be sold as a wreath but i was suprised when i beheld them ,while i was busy with making wreaths…

and the black one ::

(do not ask how was able to relax in this position..)

Just to make you smile! some more  in the slideshow

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BIA Design - Home & Garden decoration

At first I was inspired by radishes at spring time.I made my radish wreath for Easter decoration -is a great way to celebrate spring..

Well,yes i know ,now its summer time – but if you like a not-so-traditional ways to decorate your  summer party, it will be a good idea to decorate your party with radishes…

If you don’t have a good place to hang a wreath, use it on the table as a centerpiece: It will dress up any dinner party or outdoor gathering.

and of course you can eat it…

How to make your own  Radish wreath:


  • Wreath base/frame
  • Paddle wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Radishes Buy 15 to 25 bunches in a variety of colors and shapes (if that sounds like a lot, trust me; you’ll need more than you think).

Step-by-Step directions:

  1. Make a bouquet of two or three radish bunches, then wrap the wire around the…

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BIA Design - Home & Garden decoration

Harvest wreath

Harvest wreaths, a common household decoration today, are a custom with ancient roots in Europe. The creation of harvest wreaths in Europe can be traced back to ancient times, and is associated with animistic spiritual beliefs. In Ancient Greece, the harvest wreath was a sacred amulet, using wheat or other harvested plants, woven together with red and white wool thread. The harvest wreath would be hung by the door year-round.

Harvest wreaths were an important symbol to the community in Ancient Greece, not merely to the farmer and his family. The festivals devoted to Dionysus, the Oschophoria and Anthesteria, included a ritual procession called the eiresîonê. A harvest wreath was carried to Pyanopsia and Thargelia by young boys, who would sing during the journey. The laurel or olive wreath would be hung at the door, and then offerings were made to Helios and the Hours. It was hoped…

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Summer party – decorating with summer wreaths

BIA Design - Home & Garden decoration

Summer parties are fun, and the party space–whether indoors or out–is easy to decorate.Whether the party is for an adult or a child, continue the theme throughout with your decorations.Wow your guests with summer party centerpieces,candles and seasonal flowers.

An easy and practical decoration idea: decorating summer parties with summer wreaths. What could be easier than use the wreath as table centerpiece and put a candle in the center.

After the party a wreath can be used on the front door of a home or as a focal point on a wall or in a kitchen , or balcony or in your office.
-to be continue

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BIA Design - Home & Garden decoration

A wheat wreath symbolizes bounty and wealth.As bright and beautiful as summer sunshine itself, a dried wheat wreath will bring a welcoming beacon to any home or office decor. Wheat is a symbol of generosity and plenty, and the signification of wheat is love and charity. A wheat wreath on a doorway adds a feeling of hospitality and welcome to any who may enter. Dried wheat wreaths will last for years, and add beauty whether placed on a door or as a focal point on a wall or as table centerpiece. A beautiful addition to any decor , makes a wonderful gift that will bring long lasting joy to the recipient. Wheat wreaths are each unique and hand made.

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